BIM CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY. we always conscientiously create many values ​​for society and are committed to fully respect issues related to information security of all customers who come to us. The article CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY will help you understand more about this issue.

1. Income personal information

We collect customer information through the http://quatavi.com/ for the purpose of:

Make transactions and payments online.In addition, we always provide support and customer care at all times. Provide the latest information on the website http://quatavi.com/. Performing product promotion activities and introducing promotions. To access or make purchases directly through the website as well as use some services at http://quatavi.com/ You may be asked to register with us for personal information (Email, Name, Contact number…).

We also collect information that the Web browser (Browser) you use when accessing the website www.bimvina.com, including: IP, Browser type, Language, Time and other the address that Browser accesses.

2. Use of personal information

We may use this information to contact you directly in the form of: open letter, purchase order, thank you letter, technical and confidential information.

We collect and use your personal information for the appropriate purpose and completely comply with the content of this "Privacy Policy".

You can receive periodic mail providing information about new products, services, information about upcoming events or recruitment information if you subscribe to email notifications.

3. Access and edit personal information

You may also access and correct your personal information according to the appropriate links (website's links) that we provide at any time.